About Us


Military Families Ministry was started in 2010 by two military moms.  Tracie Ciambotti is the mother of an Army Combat Infantryman and Paula Parker is the mother of a former Marine Reservist. 

They met in 2008 when Tracie responded to Paula's prayer request for her daughter Sarah who had just deployed to Iraq.  Tracie's son, Joshua, was serving his second tour in Iraq.  Tracie and Paula began supporting each other.  

Military families across our nation who do not live near a military installation have little, to no, support.  Service members deploy to war zones and these families are left  at home to deal with the uncertainties that come with deployments, alone.  

Enduring multiple deployments and experiencing the crippling fear of having a child serving in a war zone created a passion in both Tracie and Paula for change.  

As Americans, we must recognize that the basic freedoms that we take for granted every day are not free.  Service members and their families make very real sacrifices so that all Americans can enjoy freedom.  MFM is not for or against any war, nor do we support any one political party.  We support service members from the Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy, National Guard, and Reserves.  Our focus is to support the individuals and the families of those who protect our rights and freedoms as American citizens.