Care packages for military overseas

Valentine's Day Treat & Cards

Valentine's Day treat bags are filled with snack items and Valentine's Day candy and are shipped by end of January. 

Easter Treat Bags & Cards

Easter Treat bags are filled with snack items and Easter candy and are shipped 2-3 weeks prior to Easter

Operation Socks for Soldiers

We ship socks, wrapped in love, to deployed troops year round to help keep their feet clean and dry. 

Mission Kits

Mission Kits are designed to be a meal 

replacement for service members out on long day missions who miss meals

Stockings for the Troops

We send thousand of stockings filled with Christmas love and cheer to deployed troops every year

Operation: Special Request

We often receive special requests from deployed chaplains for items they need to encourage service members at their location.

Project Details for Deployed Troops

Valentine's Day Treats & Cards


Schools, Girl Scout Troops, Community groups and organizations love to make beautiful cards for our troops.  

Valentine's Day Candy & Snacks

We pack a zip lock bag full of food bars, crackers, snacks and Valentine's Day candy.  

Show Appreciation

We want to send a message to the men and women serving our country...we appreciate your service and your sacrifice.

Easter Treats for the Troops

Cards & Letters

Deployed service members LOVE getting cards from kids.  Any school class, kids club or organization can make cards for our troops.

Easter Treat bags are packed with...

Food bars, crackers, snack items and Easter candy them!

Simple things like treat bags let them know how much we appreciate them.

Socks for Soldiers

New socks for troops deployed in Middle East

We ship socks year round to troops serving in the Middle East who endure extreme heat in the summer 

and enjoy comfy new socks for the cold winter nights.  

We wrap every pair of socks in love

Our volunteers wrap colorful paper around each pair of socks and place a thank you message on it.

The troops really appreciate that we take the time wrap each pair of socks.  It is not just about the socks, it is about the love and appreciation that go with every pair. 

We collect and ship socks year round

We have many project partners, groups,businesses, schools and community organizations that host donation drives.

Mission Kits

Healthy snacks bag

Mission Kits are meant to serve as a meal replacement for service members out on long day missions who miss mealtimes at their post.  

Mission kits are filled with:

Protein bars, peanut butter crackers, nuts, Slim Jims, fruit snacks, drink mix for water bottles, and a few pieces of candy or bubble gum.  

We ship Mission Kits year round

Very popular project as it is easy to do.  Just host a donation drive to collect items to fill the kits.  

We will customize all documents and help you get started. 

Stockings for the Troops

Christmas love and cheer for deployed service members

Every year we ship thousands of stockings and care packages for military overseas to chaplains and deployed service members who will not spend the holidays with their loved ones. 

Project partners around the country participate.

We provide step by step instructions and 

work with you to organize your project.  

We love the smiles!

Message from a stocking recipient:

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank each and every person involved in sending us the Christmas stockings full of goodies. Being away from family and friends is tough during the holiday season and this is just what we needed to lift the Christmas spirit. I know all who received one of the stockings is very appreciative for all the support we have stateside, especially myself. Although the candy and goodies are amazing, my favorite part was the handmade cards from the students! Thank you for taking time to help us celebrate the holidays.  It's because of you all that we do this job and continue to do this job. Thank you, thank you, thank you! God bless!  

Operation: Special Request

We frequently receive special requests from deployed chaplains who need or want specific items to minister to the troops at their location.  

Examples of requests:

Operation Breakfast provided pancake mix and real maple syrup to several chaplains wanting to do pancake breakfasts for their service members out in field training.


Operation Ramen Noodles provided cases of Ramen Noodle packets to a chaplain who wanted to make hot soup for his soldiers while out in cold weather exercises.

Operation Christmas Cheer provided Christmas care packages to the service members deployed Liberia for the Ebola Virus epidemic several years ago. 

We have provided coffee pots and coffee, Bibles and other spiritual reference materials, Christmas trees and decorations, personal care and many other items.  We have never received a request that we were not able to respond to.