Start a Ministry Group

Independent Groups


Each MFM group operates independently and group leader decides what projects they will participate in throughout the year.    Groups are responsible for raising their own funds and covering their own expenses.  

Groups Work Together


MFM groups work together on several projects throughout the year, such as our Operation:Socks for Soldiers and Stockings for the Troops projects.  The groups also work together to facilitate some of the special requests received from chaplains.  

We Help You


We provide you with everything you need to start a ministry group  in your church or community.    We have a step by step guide to  launch your own ministry group.

Current Ministry Groups

MFM - Bellwood, Pennsylvania


The Bellwood Community Group operates under the 501(c)3 umbrella of The Hope Center. Leaders Tracie  and Jeff Ciambotti. 

MFM - State College, Pennsylvania

The State College Group operates under the State College Alliance Church.  Group is seeking new leadership.  Contact Tracie Ciambotti for information.  

MFM - Strasburg, Colorado


The Strasburg Group Leaders are Russ and Jeane Hinkle

MFM - Lafayette, Louisiana


Our newest group is in Lafayette, Louisiana 

Leaders are Michele Comeaux and Sherry Vincent