Freedom Through Faith On Your Military Mom Journey

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When we first started this military mom life, it was difficult to find the courage to turn our military mom journey into a joyful experience.

We did that through faith and trust in God.


By trusting in God, we learned to raise our inner strength and resilience to better manage those crazy daily emotions.

In collaboration with Army Mom Strong, we created the guide, Find Freedom through Faith on your Military Mom Journey.”

We wrote this eBook to help you embrace your role as a military mom by replacing your fears with God’s peace.  

It’s not easy to let go of our children to military service. There are so many unknowns and as parents, we are no longer in control. It can be a fearful time.

You don’t have to stay in that place filled with fear.

Your child may serve only a few years or choose to make  a career in the military and serve twenty years. Either way it never gets easier—so we must get stronger. 

Their choice to serve in the military changes their life and their decision affects your life. We have no control over their military orders but we can choose how we will respond.

The good news is that God can arm you with the strength and courage you need to find peace in your heart.

Your experiences as a military mom will provide plenty of occasions to develop your faith and resilience as you embrace your journey with confidence.

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Find Freedom through Faith on Your Military Mom Journey